Bodies of the FCN


  • 3 members
  • 2 - 3 meetings per year
  • Prepares the business of the plenary commission (main topic, proposal of topics for expert reports, etc.)
  • Prepares the agenda for the meetings of the plenary commission

Plenary commission

  • 15 members
  • 2 - 3 meetings per year
  • Advisory board for the Federal Council
  • Discusses expert reports and recommendations put forward by the commission
  • Discusses and gives an opinion on current issues of public health, which are addressed to the authorities (e.g. FSVO), in particular in the area of prevention
  • Submits proposals and suggestions for the FSVO for surveys and investigations on nutrition issues

Scientific secretariat

  • Assigned to the FSVO
  • Responsible for invitations, agenda, organising meetings, proceedings

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