History of the FCN

The Federal Commission for Nutrition (FCN) came into being as the successor to the Federal Commission for War Nutrition (EKKE; until 1948) and the Federal Commission for the Nutrition of the Population and for Legislation on and Control of Food (until 1993).

It now consists of 15 members (3 of whom are committee members), representing the following groups:

  • Group of scientists, medical practitioners specialising in various fields (research and clinic), public health experts, nutritionists and government chemists
  • Education and training group: nutritional education at the level of traditional universities and universities of applied science
  • Production and food industry group: representatives of milk, fruit and wine production, flour milling, the bakery trade and the food industry (large and small businesses)
  • Trade, sales and catering group: wholesalers, individual and collective catering
  • Secretariat: Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office

Last modification 02.06.2016

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